Excel macro training course – Basic Excel programming (angol nyelvű képzés)

Excel macro training course – Basic Excel programming (angol nyelvű képzés)

Időtartam:2 nap / 2x8 tanóra
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65 000 Ft
(Bruttó ár: 82 550 Ft)
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About the course

Creating simple macros is easy to learn even without prior IT education or programming experience. On this two days long course you will learn how to create simple, practical macros, that can significantly speed up your daily work. Come and learn how to make Excel work for you!

This course is recommended to

Advanced Excel users, who have periodic, mechanical tasks to do.


Solid knowledge of Excel (any version)

To achieve maximum efficiency it is recommended to attend Excel advanced level course in advance or add a 0th Day of Excel advanced learning.

Additional information


Course content

Review Excel advanced level course content

  • Revising some Excel that is important to understand macros
  • Overview of some professional Excel features – on-demand

Recording simple macros

  • About macros in general
  • Recording simple macros
  • Absolute and relative cell references while recording
  • Settings and running of macros
  • How to solve complex problems
  • Managing recorded macros
  • Storing of macros
  • Connecting recorded macros, continuation of macro recording
  • Error messages
  • Import and usage of external macros
  • Useful macros on the Internet
  • Security settings




Overview of Visual Basic for Application programming environment

  • Components and structure of the development environment
  • Runtime Errors
  • Concept of the modules, creating modules
  • View, explanation and modification of the codes of recorded macros
  • Running step-by-step, debugging and correction


Fundamentals of programming

  • Overview of the VBA language, syntaxes, general information
  • Object oriented programming
  • Structure of procedures and functions
  • Learning instructions and commands with the help of Immediate Window
  • Creating simple programs in VBA language


Commands, operations

  • Mathematical operators and operations
  • Logical operations
  • Simple text operations
  • Assignment, setting and query of properties


Excel objects

  • Operations with workbooks
  • Operations and properties of worksheets
  • Cell operations and cell properties


Conditional expressions

  • Decision making situations – aim and syntax of conditional expressions
  • Two-way and multi-way IF type conditional expressions
  • Select type multi-way conditional expressions
  • Supplement of recorded macros with conditional expressions


Problematic macros

  • Pivot tables in macros
  • Diagrams in macros
  • Limits of recording
  • Shortcuts, creative solutions


Revision, practising, solving complex exercises

  • Complex tasks
  • Solving realistic problems with macros
  • Creation of macros which help the daily work of our students


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