Blockchain Foundation Pro - eLearning Course

Blockchain Foundation Pro - eLearning Course

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Számalk Zrt. is the only accredited CCC training and exam provider in Hungary. We provide a Blockchain e-learning course and on-line exam to our customers. This product is delivered as a voucher. After ordering, the voucher(s) will be available in your Dashboard (myLeapest). The access is granted for 12 month s from the purchase. Download course and exam syllabus from here



Blockchain Trails provide a fun way to learn about Blockchain. Learners follow a guided path and learn about Blockchain through a series of short learning interventions. Every module comprises of videos, animations, exciting quizzes/exercises, and downloadable study material. Participants can learn at their own pace, in their own time, engaging with the media format that best fits their learning behavior. After completing all Trails, the participant is ready to take on and pass the Blockchain Foundation exam.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the overview of blocks and nodes
  • Recognize the core components provided in Blockchain
  • Understand the types and working of Blockchain
  • Understand the concepts, Cryptography and Mining, of Blockchain
  • Understand the overview of cryptocurrency
  • Explain the types and features of cryptocurrency
  • Explain the cryptocurrency wallet types and crypto trading
  • Identify the different use cases of blockchain
  • Describe the applications of blockchain technology
  • Describe the overview of consortiums
  • Briefly describe the overview of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • Explain what is hyperledger and its frameworks
  • Briefly explain the overview of other blockchain frameworks
  • Predict the future of blockchain
  • Explain the blockchain risks and challenges
  • Explain the relationship of different technologies such as the Internet of things, Artifical Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Business Continuity Planning with blockchain

Blockchain Foundation Practice Questions

  • Trail 1 Introduction to blockchain - Self Study Guide
  • Trail 1 Introduction to blockchain - Course Videos
  • Trail 2 Working of blockchain demystified - Self Study Guide
  • Trail 2 Working of blockchain demystified - Course Videos
  • Trail 3 Cryptoeconomics - Course Videos
  • Trail 4 Applications of blockchain - Course Videos
  • Trail 5 Blockchain consortium - Course Videos
  • Trail 6 Future of blockchain - Course Videos


Kiknek ajánljuk

Anyone who wants to quickly understand and expand their knowledge of how blockchain and Bitcoin work as well as how they are applied in business. The target audience includes but is not limited to:

  • Technology enthusiasts
  • Investment bankers and advisors
  • Consultants and service providers
  • Entrepreneurs interested in blockchain opportunities Supply chain managers
  • Corporate executives looking to connect corporate strategy to technology
  • CXO’s, board members, and business operation heads Government officials looking to better understand blockchain capabilities
  • IT architects, software engineers, programmers, and developers
  • Security professionals and administrators
  • Venture capitalists and investors

Szükséges előképzettség

Participants must have a basic understanding of the internet and an open, curious mind.



Course Outline

Trail 01: Introduction to Blockchain

  • What is Blockchain
  • History and Origin of Blockchain
  • A Brief about Blocks and Nodes
  • Introduction to Nodes
  • Blockchain Components
  • Overview of Blockchain Types

Trail 02: Working of Blockchain Demystified

  • Working of Blockchain
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Introduction to Mining

Trail 03: Cryptoeconomics

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency
  • Introduction to Crypto Trading and Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Introduction to Ethereum
  • Smart Contract
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine

Trail 04: Applications of Blockchain

  • Applications of blockchain technology
  • Use cases of blockchain

Trail 05: Blockchain Consortiums

  • Introduction to Consortiums
  • Introduction to Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • Hyperledger Frameworks

Trail 06: Future of Blockchain

  • Overview of Other Blockchain Frameworks
  • Predicting the Future of Blockchain

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