Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1

Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1

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This Oracle SOA Suite 12c: New Features and Capabilities Ed 1 training teaches you about the new features and capablities of the SOA Suite 12c product release as compared to the SOA Suite 11g product version. Before taking this course, you're expected to have a solid background developing 11g SCA composite applications, especially with using BPEL components; while the SOA Suite 12c product includes a number of diffferent components, the scope of the course is focused on developing SCA composite applications.

Learn To:

  • Describe the new features of SOA Suite 12c.
  • Understand how, when and why to use the new features of SOA Suite 12c.
  • Use the new features of SOA Suite 12c to become more productive as a developer.

Benefits to You

By taking this course, you'll learn to make the most of the new features of Oracle SOA Suite 12c. While the focus is on Oracle SCA application development, you will get chance to explore new wizards and tools available in 12c. You'll get a chance to participate in hands-on exercises to gain real-world experience using new features and new wizards, along with other development tools.

Explore REST Bindings and Correlation Sets

The training covers new wizards for REST bindings and correlation sets, as well as encypting PII data and creating fault policies. Expert Oracle University instructors will dive into the new SOA debugger, templates, and BPEL subprocesses.


 Kinek ajánljuk

  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Java Developers
  • SOA Architect

Szükséges előképzettség

  • Experience using JDeveloper
  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g Design and Development Experience
  • XML Programming Experience

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Oracle SOA Suite 11g: Administration
  • SOA Adoption and Architecture Fundamentals



Understanding the four themes of the 12c release

Reviewing all of the changes and upgraded capabilities for developing SCA composite applications

Becoming familiar with the scope of this course

Quick Start for Developers

Understanding and running the new Quick Start installer

Starting the new JDeveloper 12c IDE

Becoming familiar with Quick Start domain configuration options

Installing both the Integrated WebLogic Server domain as well as the Stand-Alone domain

Creating a new Application Server connection in JDeveloper

Getting Familiar with 12c

Describing the new features of the Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control

Understanding the new Error Hospital

Becoming familiar with the new security features of SOA partitions

Understanding Work Manager groups for SOA partitions

Managing Global Token variables for mulitiple SOA composite applications

Migrating SOA 11g composites to 12c

JDeveloper Changes

Locating components in the Application Navigator project folders

Viewing the detailed structure of the composite in the Structure window

Configuring the Component Palette list and Icon views

Creating TODO tasks to help organize development and design work

Refactoring and renaming components and artifacts

Managing shared design-time artifacts using the new file-based MDS Repository

Exploring component and artifact dependencies with the new Dependency Explorer

Testing and Debugging

Debugging SOA composite applications with the new SOA debugger

Setting breakpoints and launching the SOA debugger

Creating test suites and test cases with the new Test Suite wizard in JDeveloper

Running test suites and viewing results from within JDeveloper

Viewing and modifying variable values within a debug session

Specifying activity assertions within a BPEL process

BPEL Editor New Features

Editing BPEL activities in the Properties window

Using the new Correlation wizard to create BPEL correlation sets

Exploring additional capablities within the toolbar and BPEL designer settings

Understanding the new Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service (OESS)

Adding an OESS Job Activity to a BPEL process


Translating native format data within a Mediator routing rule

Translating native format data using the new BPEL Translate activity

Creating an nXSD schema using the Native Format Builder

Using XQuery transformation mapping within a Mediator routing rule

Creating XQuery transformations using the new BPEL XQuery Transform activity

Protecting PII Data

Encrypting and decrypting specific fields of messages within SCA composite applications

Creating a Credential Store Framework (CSF) key

Adding the policy credential to the WebLogic domain

Fault Policy and Encryption/Decryption

Reviewing the capabilities of the Fault Management Framework

Creating a Fault Policy document with the new Fault Policy wizard

Defining and configuring fault policy alerts

Specifying Fault bindings with the new Fault Policy wizard

Accessing a recoverable fault in the Fusion Middleware Control

REST Binding Wizard

Reviewing and understanding the format of REST services

Comparing REST and SOAP

Exposing SOA composite applications as RESTful services

Adding a reference binding to a remote RESTful service

Generating REST mapping XML schemas

Using the REST binding wizard

New Adapters & MFT

Leveraging use cases involving the Managed File Transfer (MFT) adapter for transferring files

Understanding the features of the new LDAP adapter

Becoming familiar with Coherence and the new Coherence adapter

Understanding the SOA Suite Cloud Adapter SDK and the Salesforce Cloud Adapter

Templates & Subprocesses

Creating and using SOA composite templates

Creating and using component templates

Creating and using BPEL scope activity templates

Creating and using BPEL inline subprocesses

Creating and using BPEL stand-alone subprocesses

Managing templates

Additional Enhancements

Understanding additional Event Delivery Network (EDN) features

Become familiar with BPEL business indicators and new built-in process analytics

Editing custom business indicators for BPEL processes

Configuring analytic sampling points for SOA composites and components

Becoming familiar with the new out-of-the-box BAM dashboards for monitoring BPEL processes

Appendix A: Oracle Enterprise Scheduler Service

Describing the basic features and capabilities of OESS

Installing the OESS product

Configuring OESS jobs and related metadata

Administering running and completed OESS jobs

Creating Job Sets and Schedules

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