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VILT – Virtual On-line
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This instructor-led course provides a strong foundation for getting started with Elasticsearch. It covers how to deploy and manage Elasticsearch clusters, as well as how to use your deployment to develop powerful search and analytics solutions. You will learn how to install, configure, manage, and secure Elasticsearch clusters, as well as how to troubleshoot issues you may encounter along the way. You will also explore the inner workings of Elasticsearch and gain insight into queries, analyzers, mappings, and aggregations as you learn to work with search results. After completing this course, you will be well on your way to becoming an Elastic Certified Engineer.

The course is delivered by a certified Elasticsearch engineer with real-life experience in various Cloud technologies. Course language is English.

Kinek ajánljuk

Software Developers and Engineers, Data Architects, System Administrators, DevOps

Szükséges előképzettség

No prior knowledge of the Elasticsearch required

Technical requirements to attend the course

  • Mac, Linux, or Windows
  • Latest version of Chrome or Firefox (Safari is not 100% supported)
  • Stable internet connection
  • Due to virtual classroom JavaScript requirements, we recommend that you disable any ad-blockers and restart your browser before class.


Elastic Stack Overview

Learn how Elasticsearch and the components of the Elastic Stack work together to solve a myriad of use cases and real-world problems.

Hands-on Lab


Getting Started with Elasticsearch

Learn how to install Elasticsearch and how to get data in and out.

Hands-on Lab


Querying Data

Learn how to write and submit queries and how the scoring and relevance of matching documents is calculated.

Hands-on Lab


Text Analysis and Mappings

We walk through the details of how full text is analyzed and indexed in Elasticsearch, including a discussion of the various analyzers and filters and how to configure them. You will also learn how Elasticsearch mappings are used to define how your documents and fields are stored and indexed, including how to define multi-fields and custom analyzers.

Hands-on Lab


The Distributed Model

Understand how Elasticsearch scales and distributes data across a cluster, including details on shards, distributed search concepts, and sample architectures.

Hands-on Lab


Troubleshooting Elasticsearch

Learn to understand the health of your cluster and diagnose health issues, as well as allocate shards and diagnose shard issues.

Hands-on Lab


Improving Search Results

We take a deeper dive into searching data with a discussion on the multi_match query, configuring fuzziness for dealing with misspelled words, how to highlight matched search terms in a response, and how to perform common tasks when working with search results like sorting and pagination.

Hands-on Lab

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