Excel macro training course – Intermediate Excel programming (angol nyelvű képzés)

Excel macro training course – Intermediate Excel programming (angol nyelvű képzés)

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Időtartam:2 nap / 16 tanóra
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About the course

If you would like to know more than just recording a macro… If you have learned by yourself how to create macros and you would like to systematize your knowledge… If you have already learned programming and you would like to revive it…then participate in our intermediate Excel VBA course!

This course is recommended to

Advanced Excel users, who have periodic, mechanical tasks to do and would like to learn how to create macros.


  • Solid knowledge of Excel (any version)
  • Experience in recording and using macros
  • Knowledge of basic programming terms
  • Knowledge of Excel VBA objects

Additional information

  • It is recommended to attend basic Excel macro training in advance or take part in a three days long training.

Course content

Review knowledge of Excel macro recording

  • Through a complex macro recording task
  • Review of VBA (Visual Basic for Application) code elements and structure of editor – on-demand


  • Review of program flow control structures (sequence, branch, loop)
  • Function and operation of cycles
  • Do Until (While) type cycles
  • Front and back test cycles
  • For-loop cycles
  • The For Each cycle
  • Solving practical, common problems with cycles


  • Constants, specification
  • Declaring variables
  • Data types, conversion of data
  • Arrays and their usage
  • Scope of variables: notion of local and global variables
  • Transferring variables


  • Creating your own Excel function
  • Calling of Excel functions from VBA

File Management

  • Automatic processing of Excel workbooks
  • Opening, processing, saving and closing multiple workbooks
  • Managing text files (e.g. csv)
  • Managing other files through File System Object

Revision, practising, solving complex exercises

  • Complex tasks
  • Solving complex problems with programming

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