Oracle Database 12c R2: Advanced PL/SQL Ed 2

Oracle Database 12c R2: Advanced PL/SQL Ed 2

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In the Oracle Database 12c R2: Advanced PL/SQL course, students learn how to use the advanced features of PL/SQL in order to design and tune PL/SQL to interface with the database and integrate with the other applications in the most efficient manner. They learn to write powerful PL/SQL programs using external C/Java routines, fine-grained access packages, cursors, extended interfaces and collections.

Learn To:

  • Apply PL/SQL designing best practices.
  • Create PL/SQL applications that use collections.
  • Work with JSON data in the database.
  • Implement a virtual private database with fine-grained access control.
  • Write code to interface with external C and Java applications.
  • Write code to interface with large objects and use SecureFile LOBs.
  • Write and tune PL/SQL code effectively to maximize performance.

Benefits To You

Students will benefit from using advanced features of program design, packages, cursors, extended interface methods, and collections and students learn how to write powerful PL/SQL programs.
Programming efficiency, use of external C and Java routines, PL/SQL server pages, and fine-grained access are covered. Students learn how to write PL/SQL routines that analyze the PL/SQL applications and caching techniques that can improve performance.
Students are introduced to the Virtual Private Database (VPD) to implement security policies and they learn techniques and tools to strengthen their applications against SQL injection attacks.

Kinek ajánljuk

  • Application Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant

Szükséges előképzettség

Kötelezõ elõfeltételek:


  • Introduction
  • Oracle Database Exadata Express Cloud Service
  • Overview of Collections
  • Using Collections in PL/SQL
  • Manipulating Large Objects
  • Working with JSON Data
  • Using Advanced Interface Methods
  • Performance and Tuning
  • Improving Performance with Caching
  • Analyzing PL/SQL Code
  • Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL Code
  • Securing application through PL/SQL
  • Safeguarding Your Code Against SQL Injection Attacks
  • Security Features implemented through PL/SQL

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