Outlook training

Outlook training

Kód: OAH19-ENG
Időtartam:4 hours (9.00-12.15)
Nehézségi szint:
  • Kezdő
50 000 Ft
(Bruttó ár: 63 500 Ft)
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About the course

Do you know Outlook? Are you sure you really know Outlook? This program can be so much more than a simple e-mail client.With a little extra knowledge, combined with our time saving tricks, Outlook will become a valuable personal assistant.

General information

Time frame

  • 1day (8*45 minutes)

Minimum requirements

  • Basic computer skills

Other information

  • Besides technical Outlook lessons, the course includes basic time management tips and tricks
  • As a bonus topic, Microsoft OneNote, an efficient collaboration tool is also covered in the course
  • If participants are experienced with Outlook, and are not interested in Time management or OneNote, half a day (4*45 minutes) can be sufficient for the training

Course syllabus

Sending e-mails

  • Sending simple e-mails
  • Tracking options
  • Voting in e-mails
  • Recalling and editing sent mail
  • Delayed sending and expiring mail
  • Alerts and follow-ups
  • Special options, advanced formatting possibilities

Organizing inbox

  • All about folders, folder views
  • Categorizing and flagging mail
  • Sort, filter and search
  • Rules – automatic mail processing
  • Advanced settings
  • Archiving


  • Appointments, meetings
  • Organizing and categorizing events
  • Invites, scheduling, rescheduling principles
  • Calendar views
  • Sharing calendar, fine-tuning permissions
  • Managing multiple calendars
  • Advanced options


  • Creating, managing and organizing tasks
  • Assigning tasks
  • Tracking tasks

Contacts, Notes, Journal

  • Managing contacts
  • Distribution lists
  • Other useful Outlook features


  • What is OneNote?
  • Creating a Notebook; basic functions
  • Cooperation in OneNote
  • When and how to use OneNote
  • Substitute e-mails, meetings with online OneNote documents

Time management

  • Thought-provoking games
  • How to find and eliminate time bandits
  • Using Outlook to better organize your day
  • Discussing work-related time management issues
  • Useful tips

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