Secure developing and programming

Secure developing and programming

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This course will give you a good overview about how to make developments and do programming in a secure way. It covers the best technologies and concepts about the security in this particular field of IT.
The course is held by an instrcutor who has real life experience about a numebr of techonolgies and vendors, e.g. AWS, JAVA, ElasticSearch, Blockchain, etc.
It is a virtual live course, organised in 5 x 7 hours blocks (one day per week). All items from day2, day3, day4, day5 would include a hands-on exercise of the particular item along with prevention techniques.





Szükséges előképzettség

Basic knowlede about programming and developng technologies



                Main Topic         Sub-Topic

Day 1     Introduction & SSDLC    Introduction

                               Secure Software Development Life Cycle

                               OWASP Security Standards (Top 10)

                               CWE / SANS Security Standards (Top 25)

                               Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle

                               SSDLC for Banking Systems

                               Security Assessment Criteria of existing banking systems

                               Structure of the following days, and objectives

Day 2     Web Application Security            SQL Injection

                               Broken Authentication

                               Session Management

                               Cross-Site Scripting

                               Insecure Direct Object Reference

                               Security Misconfiguration

                               Sensitive Data Exposure

                               Missing Function Level Access

                               Cross-Site Request Forgery.

                               Power of Inspect Element

                               Power of CURL

Day 3                     Power of Postman

                               Development of Secure Code & Best Practices

                Infrastructure Security Risk Assessment

                               Backing Up

                               Protection of Data via Software


                               Archive & Backup techniques

                               Data Breach

                               Data Remanence, and Theft

Day 4                    BURP Suite

                Secure Development Principals & design patterns          Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability


                               Digital Certificate


                               Integrity & Hashing

                               Digital Signature

                               DOS/DDOS Attack

                               Secure Design Principles

Day 5                    BURP Suite

                Banking Solution Design Patterns            MVC Design Patterns - SDL Best Practices

                               Repository Design Pattern - SDL Best Practices

                               Factory / Abstract Factory - SDL Best Practices

                               MVVM Design Pattern - SDL Best Practices

                               Lab for Banking Solution Design Patterns

                               Wrap up

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