Power BI Basics

Power BI Basics

Időtartam:2 days (9.00-16.15)
61 000 Ft
(Bruttó ár: 77 470 Ft)
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About the course

The aim of the software is to raise data evaluations (PivotTables, PivotCharts and creating sum up tables and charts) to a higher level than the possibilities in Excel, leaving its old school restrictions. It provides the creation of simpler, 21st centuryreports, charts that help making decisions, maps, tables, DashBoards based on easily updatable data model even using more sources (database, Excel table, csv files, web source etc.) giving the option to use spectacular filtering methods on multiple tables, charts.

Target audience

We recommend this course particularly for financial (or other) analysts, controllers, financial specialists, decision-makers and for those who are evaluating big data (even tables with millions of rows).

Entry requirements

  • Excel intermediate knowledge, Excel advanced knowledge preferred

Course contents

Power BI in theory, preparations

  • role and elements of Power BI, situation in a data analysis system of a company
  • quick data models (star, snowflake), central table, dimension tables

Loading data tables in PowerBI Desktop

  • linking tables, filtered tables from database management systems
  • linking data with SQL commands
  • importing data with copy-paste commands
  • linking Excel tables
  • using PowerQuery

Data model creation and setup in PowerBI Desktop

  • creating table connections
  • refreshing data
  • DAX language syntax
  • creating calculated fields
  • setting up number formats
  • sort by other fields

Creating Report and DashBoard pages

  • creating a page
  • creating tables and PivotTables
  • creating PivotCharts
  • visualizing data on maps
  • drilling down and showing source data
  • using Slicers
  • sharing

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