Big Data and Analytics for Business Users



Data is one of the most valuable assets that your organization possesses.  Every day you are creating more data and potentially passing up opportunities to harvest that data and use it to accelerate the achievement of your organization’s strategic objectives.  Big Data and Analytics represent an emerging trend around harvesting, analyzing, and capitalizing on the wealth of data that is within the grasp of your enterprise.

“For every 100 open Big Data jobs, there are only two qualified candidates” -

This one day primer introduces Cloud Computing, Big Data, and the emerging discipline of Data Analytics.  Attention will be given to the three V’s of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety as well as the fourth V of Value.  You’ll learn about these critical elements and the powerful value proposition that these capabilities provide.  What are the processes, tools, and personnel that will be needed in order to take advantage of this sea change in information management?  This essential course will equip you to understand your customers better and how to deliver more value today.

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WA2186 Big Data and Analytics for Business Users 1 nap
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33 500 Ft 42 545 Ft
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