Secure developing and programming


This course will give you a good overview about how to make developments and do programming in a secure way. It covers the best technologies and concepts about the security in this particular field of IT.
The course is held by an instrcutor who has real life experience about a numebr of techonolgies and vendors, e.g. AWS, JAVA, ElasticSearch, Blockchain, etc.
It is a virtual live course, organised in 5 x 7 hours blocks (one day per week). All items from day2, day3, day4, day5 would include a hands-on exercise of the particular item along with prevention techniques.


Kód Megnevezés Időtartam: Nettó ár Bruttó ár
SECDEVPRO Secure developing and programming 5 nap
  • Kezdő
299 000 Ft 379 730 Ft
+ - Kosárba

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